As Reasons Design, Nathan Reasons has been delivering design, programming and documentation services for the built environment since 2002. Specializing in residential homes, remodels, and additions. As an employee working with other Architects, he has contributed to a wide range of successful projects over the course of his career since 1999. As his Architect license looms on the Horizon it is a natural step to make changes and start anew. Therefore, Reasons Design will be no more and a new venture is in the works, an exciting partnership with an incredibly talented Artist and Designer, Sherri Johnson. Known as Studio Angle 7,serving the beautiful California Central Coast, based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Please visit the new website to contact us, We look forward to hearing from you.

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Nathan Reasons is not a licensed / registered Architect and has no intention of holding himself out as such. The projects and “work” being solicited is that which is allowed by the California Architects Board described in the document “Design Limitations Chart for Professionals” for UNLICENSED PERSONS.